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Great food and drink

Festival currency

All food and drink will be paid for using ‘Kirkby Stephen Spondoolicks’, your special Festival currency bought at the rate of 1 Spondoolick for £1.25. Everything you buy will be a multiple of Spondoolicks, so once you’ve exchanged your cash you won’t need to worry about coins.

For instance, most pints will be 2 Spondoolicks, and soft drinks and halves 1 Spondoolick. A banger in a roll or a curry and roll will set you back a couple of Spondoolicks.

There’ll be ‘Bureau de Change’ on the Festival site so you can buy more Spondoolicks whenever you want. You can purchase them with cash, credit/debit card or via PayPal.

Beer and food

Just like the music we've got a great line-up of sausages, bringing back some of the favourites from 2014.

And once again we'll be offering curry from Kirkby Stephen's brilliant Indian restaurant, The Mango Tree. There'll be a vegetarian curry and a chicken one.

We are absolutely indebted to our sponsors who are each donating a barrel of beer and essentially making the whole Festival possible. Thank you!

Kirkby Stephen Beer'n'Bangers Festival is organised by Kirkby Stephen Mountain Rescue Team, Kirkby Stephen Scouts and Upper Eden Rotary Club.
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